Leona Chin – Malaysian Female Drifter


Featured in various newspapers and magazines, Leona Chin is not your average female driver on the road. With her 200SX she can do wonders. At her current age of 23 years old, she still have a lot of years to go in the career of becoming one of the top female drifters in the world.

Many of her info and stories could be found at her blog at LeonaChin.com. It is pretty interesting reading how she entered in to the sports of motosport drifting and we hope to see her success in this career.

Leona Chin was also recently featured in Japanese TV interview by the famous Japanese Drifter, Keichi Tsuchiya (Dori Kin). Her interview is the at the middle part but this is clearer version of the interview.

Some compilation of her videos in her current car.

A great compilation of her drifting some time ago as her car is still painted in red.

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3 Responses to “ Leona Chin – Malaysian Female Drifter ”

  1. hie!~ thanks for the nice write up 😀

  2. Hey Leona thanks for dropping by ! Really would like to see u in action on the track !

    I also saw one of the episodes in Phat Rides where ur competing against Tengku Djan it was really so exciting !

  3. leona: Hi, you deserves the write up. Great Driving. We look forward for more action.

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