Lamborghini Murcielago accident with a BMW M5 (Malaysia)

It seems that this accident happen yesterday after the JapanGT race at Sepang F1 Track. From the compilation of pictures, they even have the picture before the accident. I assume that they are racing each other. Then the accident between Lamborghini Murcielago SV 670 and BMW M5. The final result, Lamborghini Murchielago is the biggest loser, even the BMW M5 does not to be in a bad condition. The Lambo is totaled in this accident, too bad for the insurance company.

Both car before the crash and both looking good

Then comes the crash photos

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5 Responses to “ Lamborghini Murcielago accident with a BMW M5 (Malaysia) ”

  1. I wonder how the Lamborghini owner feels now..

  2. i wonder how the insurance company will feel wahahahahahha having to pay for a LP-670 SuperVeloce, i think the insurance agent cannot sleep man

  3. dont worry,with the evidence of photo of this 2 cars racing each other, insurance wont pay a cent to the crash… Too bad people are spreading this news before the claim done

  4. can’t really tell from we don’t know how fast it is from the picture..and we don’t have the 2 cars together…it will be a tough investigation

  5. I guarantee 2 things:

    1. Lambo driver is a silly, young rich kid.
    2. This young kid would hv been fucked by the actual lambo owner
    3. This chidlish kid can’t afford to buy a brand new lambo with his monthly income.

    Daddy will be very pissed.

    Grow up, childish kid.

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