Lamborghini Aventador “touched” by Oakley Design !

I have to say, they have really touched the Aventador in all the right places !

Dubbed the LP760-2 instead of the standard LP700-4, this means that the Oakley guys have done some changes to the power department and also the drivetrain. They have added 60hp more and also changed it to rear wheel drive. But to be honest, it is really much easier to handle a 4 wheel drive compared to 2 wheel when i play GT5, just my 2 cents :p

On the exterior side the front bumper was redesigned to help in better cooling and also the side sills were also redesigned with the same purpose.  Then the new wheels are said to be lighter than the standard wheels are fitted.

There are only 5 units of this Lambo that will be produced and 3 of them are already sold…… talk about being filthy rich !

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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  1. != Not the same company.

  2. opps sorry, my bad haha

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