KONN : Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4 ’96 @ Nurburgring Nordschleife

This is a real nostalgic run for me, as i have always loved the Evolution 4 since Jacky Chan introduced it in his movie “Who Am I ?”

As mentioned earlier in the search for KONN, all cars used for this test will be stock, purchased fresh from the car dealer. And this Evo is no exception, with ~280HP on tap.

It is always exciting to be getting behind the wheel and drive on the Nordschleife, as there are over hundreds of turns on this track. So you will really need a car that handles and grips real well to get through this track.

The Evo 4 is equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission gearbox, so it feels that the car ratios are longer for each of the gear.

For top speed i am reaching 225-230 km/h on the last section of the track.

I have to say that the handling of this Evo4 is pretty good, precise and doesn’t understeer too much when entering corners. If not mistaken the stock car is running on only Sports hard tires !

The only drawback that i experienced on this Evo is during high speed braking and turning at the same time, the whole car loses control like almost instantly when i slammed on the brakes real hard, you can check out the video for the feeling of that !

To be honest i am impressed, that this is a car with technology from 15 years back and it is still able to handle this well on the Ring !

Bear in mind that these runs are made based on the criteria that the car does not get out of the track, so i did this in only the 1 lap and i have no chance for improving further my lap times.

All in all my run using the Evo 4 will be :  08:32:457

Below is the video for my run using the Lancer Evolution 4 :

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  1. Interesting. Cannot wait for Evo 10 to take action 🙂

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