KONN : Lexus LFA ’10

This is one super car that is really mad to drive on the Nordshleife, the Lexus LFA ’10 ! As i understood that it is using an NA engine, yet the amount of torque is really mind blowing ! I Really had a real difficult time keeping the car on the track without slipping out to the wall !

The mid torque is really crazy, i cannot accelerate  full when i exit the bend too soon, else it will start to fish tail like crazy ! In the first few turns of the track i had to hold some horses as the car was just too fast into the bends.

This car is doing like 250+ km/h on 4th gear at redline ! That is what i also noticed, that this super car’s gear ratio are quite stretched, think it is aiming for a lot of top speed !

It feels great once u exit the turn and the steering straight with full traction and just flooring the paddle ! You can hear high pitch engine sound coming from this baby and you will see, oh its that fast to reach the redline !

Top speed for this baby is at about 306 km/h before requiring to slow down at the final sector of the track. Its really breathtaking to be driving this monster on the ring !

Overall i did like 7’47’409 on the first attempt.

Check out the video of my run below :



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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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