IS this for real ??? Honda’s ASIMO now is controlled by thoughts !


I really don’t know what to say, seriously !!!!! Honda’s motto “Power of dreams” really bring chills down my spine, as they are really living the dream !!

Apparently now the ASIMO robot is able to be controlled by a human without even having to press any buttons; they just simply think of it !!!!

To me its really kinda freaky to think of it, but this new innovation is really bringing the robot technology to another level !

A while back when i saw the ASIMO @ 1 Utama, i was already amazed. And now they tell me that they can control ASIMO by just having the thought, that just blow me away !

This way of communication is called Brain Machine Interface (BMI). Some would thought of the short term as body-mass-index, but its not :p Honda collaborated with Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) and Shimadzu Corporation.

Just Check out the freaky video below :

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