India is the Leader in Small Cars


India has overtook Japan as it beats them in sales of super-compact cars. Nearly half of all cars sold in India like Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai Santro falls into this basic category. As the world second highest population countries it is about time that India get some limelight from the car industry. Also because of the road condition and the budget allocated for cars given the super-compact cars a huge demand in India.

It is said that more than 892,000 of the smallest category of passenger vehicle will be sold this year which is up 14 percent this year despite the slowdown of the economy. This figures surpass 708,034 forecast for Japan.

Source [Mercury News]

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  1. In India there is more middle class people than other country who afford small cars, words best companies eager to jump in this market but Maruti is the King in this segment at India.

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