Hyundai ix-Metro Hybrid Concept Car

One of the great concept design we have seen in the 2010 KLIMS, Hyundai ix-Metro is powered by a 3 cylinder 1-litre turbocharged GDI 12-valve DOHC with Dual CVVT that will produce 123 hp. It wil lbe pairing with an electric drive which is powered a starter motor-alternator with power stored in an ultra-capacitor. The result, a CO2 emissions at a mere 80g/km.

Its design is truly futuristic, with a clean white interior and can you see the hollow steering, a futuristic dashboard and curves, that is something new we are seeing in the automotive industry. Also if you see from our picture that a rear seat is actually folded down to get more trunk space,and together with a floating front seats for some extra space.

Also this is the second car in the KLIMS that is featured using a side view camera other than Perodua Bezza.

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