HPC Track Day @ Sepang F1 Circuit 31-10-2010

I went to the HPC Track day event today in the morning, woke up about 6.30 am for this ! I was joining some friends as they are going into the track, so i thought to tag along :p

This is the first BMW that i have seen that is so colorful, reminds me of an earlier post about some artist working his magic on the BMW !

The HPC event is actually an event for racing enthusiasts to get an actual experience on the F1 Sepang circuit, in a safe manner :p

Also participating in the HPC event today is Quill BMW club (i think) where there is like 10-20 BMWs getting track experience, which is really good as the owners get to floor the pedal of these wonderful machines !

The event is divided into GP1, GP2, GP3. For more information you can go and check out their website : www.hpc.com.my

There is a variety of car makes that came for this event today. I saw Mitsubishi Lancer GTs, Evolution 7,8,9,10, Subaru ver 8, S204, Lotus, Civic TypeRs and many more.

Then I manage to get a ride in one of my friend’s Lancer for one of the session, i will upload it later on as it is in HD and the file size is 250mb, takes a while to be on youtube :p

After the HPC session, there is the Time Attack session where another group of cars comes into picture. There are Group 1 ( NA, FF,FR), Group 2(Turbo, 4WD) and Supercars.

At this session all is mostly souped up cars, here is one of my friend’s Subaru preparing for the time attack session.

Then there is the GTRs, Audi R8 and also Lambo Gallardo.

Overall its a really great event, perfect for car enthusiasts to participate 🙂

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