How to improve vision when driving in heavy rain

Well i got this forward mail about how you can improve road visibility when it is raining heavily. I find it rather strange to the solution that was provided, but i will try it out later when it rains heavily to confirm this.

The solution is pretty simple, you just need a pair of :



This is like something that we really never thought of using when driving in the rain, i am really surprised at it too ! Don’t really understand the logic of it as well, but i will definitely try it out, as sometimes it is really difficult to see the road when even the wipers are at full power during heavy rain.

Maybe that is why the F1 drivers can still drive properly even with their visors down during the rain, as the visor is also something like sunglasses.

Why didn’t I think of that lol, think outside the box !

But please try this out with your passenger first, ask them to wear the sunglasses and then look at the windscreen, see if the visibility is improved lol :p

Disclaimer : Please try this at your own and my own discretion :p

p/s : will let you guys know what is the outcome of the experiment later if it happens to rain heavily 🙂

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3 Responses to “ How to improve vision when driving in heavy rain ”

  1. Very strange suggestion indeed. I would probably do what you suggested, to get the passengers to try it out first.

  2. lets experiment together and see what is the result :p

  3. Make sure they are the Polarised type…I wear them during rain and on NSE and they give me clear vision and stoplights can be seen clearly! There is also driving glasses which are yellow in color and they block out glare but give clear vision in the day. Ray Ban has them.

    How to make sure its Polarised? Look at a car screen when wearing, you should be able to see the color spectrum or no relection when looking thru a car window. Even clip-ons are polarised these days, so no excuse for spec wearers.

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