Honda Malaysia Calling !

Honda Malaysia have issued a statement regarding the recent case of death in South Africa due to short circuit.

Affected models are the 2nd Generation City 2008 and 1st Generation Jazz(1.4) 2003.

The problem here is short circuit in the power window master switch, in which extreme sippage will cause it.

Touch wood, as of today, there are no cases in Malaysia, which i hope will stay that way.

Rest assured that the current models are not affected, mentioned by Mr. Takahashi who is CEO of Honda Malaysia.

Honda will be contacting directly to customers that have purchased the affected models and replacement parts will be borne by Honda Malaysia.

Do take note on this and share this with anyone you know that owns the affected models.

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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  1. great finally they have realized their mistake. I just hope their repairing plan works.

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