Honda Malaysia – ASIMO is on tour !

I know this is not related to any car things at the moment, but well, since Honda, a carmaker is developing this ASIMO robot like crazy, i was thinking well maybe in the future Honda cars will be controlled centrally by an ASIMO ? Haha sounds far fetched, but still, its the Power of Dreams !

I got this newsletter from Honda Malaysia.

There will be a road tour for ASIMO in Malaysia in the coming weeks in a few locations. I think i will drop by and see this robot in action, see if i can get videos to show you all about this remarkable robot !

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

4 Responses to “ Honda Malaysia – ASIMO is on tour ! ”

  1. 1 utama is way too far from my home. why not in KL.. haih..

  2. weekend…

  3. slumbeRAJA : I think its worth paying a visit to 1 Utama for this event, as i am hell curious too on what this ASIMO can really do :p
    Dun worry if u can’t make it i will try to get some videos and post it for u to see 🙂

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