Honda Insight – Modulo Version – Leaked Picture


Honda Insight, I have nearly forgotten that it exists because Toyota Prius seems to be shadowing this great hybrid car. But the coming 2009 Honda Insight will definitely take some of the market share for Hybrid cars. On top of the great look, Honda will be coming out with this modulo version of Honda Insight. It seems that this modulo version will include a pair of fog light and the blueish headlamp may just be a HID white headlamp.

This pictures are leaked to some Honda fans that is supposedly to be launch on the coming Jan 11 Detroit Auto Show.

Driving hybrid never sound cooler!


More pictures available


2009-Honda-Insight-modulo-5 2009-Honda-Insight-modulo-4  2009-Honda-Insight-modulo-6

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  1. OMG this looks so cool, for sure i would want this compared to the Prius !

  2. […] This is another Green Car that is targeted towards the European market. I really like its look that resemble lightning. Really the best hybrid car so far, before this it was the Honda Insight Modulo. […]

  3. […] Honda Insight Advertisements featuring mostly youngster and couples. Also not to forget about the Honda Insight Modulo that will also attract younger generation to use […]

  4. Honda really has lost it with its design. This just FAILS. All the recent efforts, including Insight, horrendous Crosstour, even CR-Z, and the direction where Acura is headed, just fail to satisfy. They really need to reshuffle their design managers and other upper management team. Just Fire some people there who just have no sensitivity with design. They do have excellent designers, just let them do their job instead of putting bad tastes with corporate buracracy.

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