Honda EV-STER Electric Sports Car

Taking the center stage of the Honda exhibition booth at tokyo Motor Show is this new concept sports car, Honda EV-STER. This is a rear wheel drive two seater all electric sports car that seems to fits into the same class as Honda’s S2000. The performance is only 0-60km/h in 5 seconds, yup it is 60km/h which is why that is not that impressive but it is the first step for performance EV sports car. Top speed goes to 160km/h and the charging time is under three hours with 200V power source with a maximum range of 160kilometer.

It uses a lot of carbon fiber materials to reduce the weight of this EV-STER which also means the cost of this vehicle will not be cheap. But overall, we think this is a great concept and the design is simply supert.

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