Honda CR-Z @ Tokyo Motorshow 2009


From first looks of this concept, it really reminds me of the “matchbox” Honda CRX :p

But of course it has gone through so much transformation from the latter.

This is one of the product lineup from Honda in the Tokyo Motorshow 2009, one of the biggest or the biggest car event in Japan.


From the front the grille looks like Optimus Prime’s mouth lol, but i like the eyes very very much with some bluish color in it.

This baby is actually a Hybrid car with a 1.5L engine. Wow the engine is even bigger than the Civic Hybrid even though its size is smaller, must definitely be powerful !!


Whats MOST interesting is that this car is coming with a 6-speed manual transmission, so i guess its a very performance type Hybrid vehicle. This is really very interesting, i mean, its a hybrid car that is saving on fuel, but at the same time it is powerful as well !


Frankly speaking, i really can’t imagine how its gonna be like in the near future, as i see so many of these concept cars going to be actualized to mass-production !!


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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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