Honda Civic Type R FN2 to be exported to Japan


Seems that the lines are drawn pretty clear between Honda Europe and Honda Japan, as now the Civic Type R FN2 will be exported to Japan from next year onwards.

I guess this really shows that the FN2 Type R is really receiving a lot of positive feedback from the Land of the rising sun 🙂

In order to differentiate between the Type Rs, the FN2 will be called “Civic Type R EURO”.

But for a while i feel bad for the guys in Honda Europe, as i watched one of the Top Gear episodes where Jeremy Clarkson was condeming the FN2 Type R like mad and says that the EP3 Type R was much better…. Oh i don’t know :p

Would Honda Malaysia bring this in too ? Suppose not :p

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  1. Meeeen!!!!!!!!!

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