Honda Civic-Part3-Driving Impressions

I managed to drive this car for about 15 minutes thanks to my friend who is more than willing to let me test drive 🙂

Upon ignition, i pressed on the brakes, shifted to “D” and wanted to accelarate. I had a little problem locating the gas pedal, as it is quite hidden deep in the leg compartment area.

Managed to locate the gas pedal, stepped on it and the engine starts to roar. I’ll have to say that the Civic was more responsive compared to the Accord. But still, its still not as responsive compared to my Waja as the revs took a while before reaching redline, but it was okay. The amount of torque is definitely more than the Waja when pulling, its just a bit less responsive from standstill.

Ride comfort is definitely there and the turning radius was more than adequate for making quick illegal u-turns, as i got lost somewhere in kepong haha.

In my opinion, the new Civic sets a benchmark of styling coupled with comparable performance in the car industry. The 1.8 litre variant retailed at roundabout RM 113,000 previously, i think it should still be the same now. the 2.0 litre variant costs ~10,000 more.

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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  1. Honda Civic, one of my dream car. I’ve heard many good comment about it. Especially the Fuel Consumption is great. I wish I can own one of those.

  2. I’d have to agree with you, with the new looks and good engine, i think this Civic really made its statement on the road, i will try and see if i can get my hands on real fuel consumption figures for your reference 🙂

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