Honda Civic-Part2-Interior Impressions

The interior lines are clean and uncluttered, just the way i like it. My friend changed the normal fabric seats to leather seats. Tinting of the car comes from a tint company called RikeCool.

This Civic has the “triangular” mirror to let driver have more view on whats happening around.

The new Civic sports a new meter panel, where it is divided into 2 sections. the top part displays digitally the speed in km/h. on the left and right it displays temperature and fuel the bottom there is the Rev meter and standard car status indicators.

Central control panel sports 2 displays, where the top displays the radio information and the bottom displays temperature information. This come with a single disc player and also an audio jack for you to plug in your phone, mp3 players etc..

the 1.8 litre variant does not come with paddle shifters.

see below for more pictures:

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

3 Responses to “ Honda Civic-Part2-Interior Impressions ”

  1. So the stock stereo headunit can’t be changed at all to an aftermarket one..?

  2. usually other equipment manufacturer will specially make a socket to fit aftermarket stereo unit for a specific car….therefore it will cost more

  3. If i remember correctly, my another friend who also own the same Honda Civic have already changed the head unit to aftermarket ones.

    He got some kind of conversion kit that takes out the whole stock head unit and replace it with a new casing so that you can fit aftermarket head units. But i am not too sure about the price of that conversion kit.

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