Honda Civic-Part1-Exterior Impressions

I’d say that the new Honda Civic took Malaysians by storm, as it looked completely different from the previous generation Civics.

This was the 1.8 litre variant that i was able to get my hands on, courtesy from a good friend of mine 🙂

First impression of this car was, oh my this Civic looks big ! the feeling was like the previous civic putting on a very very widebody kit !

The lines on the car are really sleek, wished i had one too ! Front grille looks great, with the “H” emblem in the middle and fog lamps at the bottom.

the new headlights looks menacing, as though “eyes” could kill !

This Civic sports a shorter rear, as it gives a partial hatchback feeling. The rear definitely won’t look bulky even though with the big brake lights.

Overall impression of the new Civic is that it is perfectly suitable for middle class execs as it looks “younger” than its brother Accord.

See below for more pictures of the Civic.

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