Honda Civic – Part 4 – Fuel Consumption

With the rise of the fuel cost these days, i think its interesting to know the fuel consumption of a car before getting it.

Ok so lets see, I have just got some information from my friend that owns the Honda Civic posted earlier. He just came back from outstation.

He made a lot of effort to record down his driving style during his journey, many thanks to him, we will have a bit more light on the actual fuel consumption of the Honda Civic. In case you missed the previous post on the Civic, this is the 1.8L variant.

For starters, he filled up 40 litres of fuel before he starts his journey. If i am not mistaken he is using Mobil Synergy F1 fuel on his Civic. So 40 litres come up to about RM 98.00

He was driving in town for a while, like roundabout half an hour, with average speed below 100km/h with quite a number of stop-go.

When he got on the highway, he was driving with an average speed in the range of 120-130 km/h constant. At this speed, the Civic revs below 2,500 RPM. Less than 5 times did he rev above 4,000 rpm due to overtaking.

In between he only made one stop without turning of the car ignition. I think it takes roughly about 2-3 hours before exiting the highway.

From the highway to his destination, he was travelling below 80 km/h with occasional stop-go from traffic lights.

Additional information that he provided during this trip was that the tyre pressure of all 4 is on 30 psi, with air conditioning on 2 bar, 25 degrees celcius. He was carrying 2 passengers and luggage with an estimated load of roundabout 180kg.

All in all the trip added 450 kilometers to the Civic’s odometer, which translates to 21 cents per kilometer with the current fuel price, or 11.3 kilometers per litre.

The Civic has got a fuel tank size of 50 litres if i am not mistaken.

Hopefully there will be more information from my friend on his other journeys in the near future for our references, thanks again !

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2 Responses to “ Honda Civic – Part 4 – Fuel Consumption ”

  1. If he could try the following, it will be more accurate:

    Fill up tank to the full using automatic cut-off on the pump (use credit card, or can pay more and easily request for refund). Record down odometer reading, or reset distance meter.

    At the next fill up (whenever), fill up to full also. Record down how many litres filled up. This is almost exactly how much fuel was used. Record down odometer/distance meter to get the exact distance travelled.

    Voila! Very accurate.

  2. I would agree with the travel distance…in the city…it clock slightly above 400km (majority of the journey maintained at RPM2500 and below…I am a little bit skeptical about the 50L tank size as proclaimed by Honda though…as the auto pump always cut off at the 40L or 41L mark…

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