Honda Civic Hybrid @ RM 130K On the Road

If anyone is thinking of buying a Honda Civic now, they can also consider the Hybrid version.

Previously the price for the Hybrid was around RM 160K if i remember correctly, but now with the effort to bring more fuel efficient cars into the market, the duties for this car have been lowered.

I think the most obvious difference of the Hybrid compared to the normal Civic will be just the rims, where it looks like some futuristic car rims :p

So you pay for about RM 16K more for the Hybrid compared to the 1.8 (114K).

On average the Hybrid runs 1400 KM / Tank while the 1.8 runs averagely 500KM/Tank, so you save 900KM / Tank.

1 Full tank is equals to 50 litres which amounts to RM 90.00 at current fuel price RM 1.80/L.

So in one year average you run 20,000 KM, You save 26 tanks of fuel, which is RM 2,340 of savings if you are driving the Hybrid.

So you have to drive the car for about 7 years in order for it to be worth the additional RM 16K :p

This is how the IMA (Intelligient Motor Assist) works in the Hybrid.

So its a lot for you to think about whether you want to get this Hybrid or just the normal Civic.

You can see in the meter cluster of what is happening with the IMA, whether its charging or assisting.

If you are travelling very often, i think this is really very worth it as your returns come even faster !

I think this is a very good car for salesmen, since they travel very often and get stuck in the traffic jam pretty often :p

For more information you can check out the below web site @ Honda :

Specifications for the Civic Hybrid

Engine Type 4 Cylinder, SOHC i-VTEC + IMA
Fuel Supply System PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection)
Bore & Stroke (mm) 73.0 x 80.0
Displacement (cc) 1,339
Compression Ratio 10.8:1
Maximum Power [PS (kW) / rpm] 95 (70) / 6,000
Maximum Torque [Nm (kg-m) / rpm] 123 (12.5) / 4,600
IMA Electric Motor Max Horsepower
[PS (kW) / rpm]
20 (15) / 2,000
IMA Electric Motor Max Torque
[Nm (kg-m) / rpm]
103 (10.5) / 0 – 1,160
Transmission Type Continuosly Variable Transmission (CVT)
Drive Wheels Front
Gear Type Rack & Pinion with Power Assisted (Electric Power Steering)
Overall Steering Ratio 13.62
Turning Radius (m) 5.4
Braking System Type (Front) Ventilated Disc
Braking System Type (Rear) Drum
Suspension System (Front) MacPherson Strut
Suspension System (Rear) Independent Double Wishbone
Overall Length (mm) 4,540
Overall Width (mm) 1,750
Overall Height (mm) 1,430
Wheelbase (mm) 2,700
Treads (Front) (mm) 1,500
Treads (Back) (mm) 1,500
Ground Clearance (mm) 135
Weight (kg) 1,290
Tyre Size 195 / 65 R15
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litre) 50

Source from Official Honda Malaysia Website.

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

6 Responses to “ Honda Civic Hybrid @ RM 130K On the Road ”

  1. You’re missing the point of the hybrid. Main objective is not to justify the cost of buying a hybrid over the 1.8. New technology will always be expensive to start off with. But don’t forget the hybrid is CBU whereas the 1.8 is CKD. So, we have the local taxes to thank for the price.

    It’s the much lower fuel consumption leading to using less fossil fuel, reducing CO2 emissions and ultimately less pollution to our dear Mother Earth 😉

    Of course, you don’t save as much cruising the highways daily, max savings come from stop-go traffic city driving.

  2. Haha Doc thanks for bringing me back on the track, i mean this has always been the first thing i look at when looking at a car, the price :p

    Sometimes is just being consumed of the prices rather than looking at what is actually being offered technology wise…..

  3. You are right still, how many of us can ignore prices when it comes to a car purchase, which is, after all, the 2nd biggest expense in our lives, after buying a house…

    I would love to buy one myself, but, the main problem for me is the batteries running the motor… I heard that they will cost about RM30k to replace!!! And there is no guarantee as to how long it will last. They are suppose to last 5-7yrs. That’s still RM4k-6k a yr!

  4. I am thinking of getting one but everybody around me is trying to convince me otherwise. Strangely, only 2 out of every 10 people I met know exactly how a hybrid car works. The pricing is a concern of course… considering if you drove the car for 7-9 years, you could save enough fuel money to replace the expensive battery then. However, the car still premium over the normal 1.8 Civic by 15k. For environment or not (some people argue that there’s lots of other stuff you can do to save the environment other than just getting a hybrid car) or to drive it as a anti establishment symbol… keep in mind that the Honda Civic Hybrid is imported from Japan and not locally assembled or Thailand assembled. So for a premium of 15k… it could be a good price.

  5. i’d say it all falls back to what kind of driver u r, i mean, if you are fuel conscious and travel very often and don’t really need a lot of pickup power, then the Hybrid should be your answer.

    Otherwise if you want power then you will be much better off with the civic 2.0, even though its CKD, as the power is really really there, i have test drive it :p

    Lastly if you feel that you are in between of these 2, then you can opt for the 1.8 🙂

  6. well honda city is not good for me,why not 1.6 engine in it efi??
    about civic,why no cruise control in it?
    do any one know where i will get 2011 honda civic pictures??
    when will corolla bring new model?
    plz inform me
    [email protected]

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