Honda Accord Crosstour Official Launch


The official Honda Accord Crosstour is officially out, the Honda Crosstour looks exactly the same as the picture we got from their Facebook Fanpage. Like previously said, the car actually looks good except for the overly large front grill.

Similar to previous Honda models, this CUV will have two models EX and EX-L. Both having quite similar specifications of a 3.5-litre V-6 that will produce 271 horsepower with 254 lb-ft at 5000rpm. Transmission are both 5-speed automatic transmission.

The only noticeable difference are the Real Time 4-Wheel Drive while the EX is only 2WD. Others differences are only Navigation system, Bluetooth HandsFreeLink, Leather Interior, Seat position memory, bigger wheels, and few other cosmetics differences.

Visit the official Honda Accord Crosstour Website for more information.

We will also soon see the competitor in this crossover (CUV) from Mitsubishi Compact Crossover.

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honda-crosstour-5 honda-crosstour-6 honda-crosstour-7 

honda-crosstour-13 honda-crosstour-8 honda-crosstour-9

honda-crosstour-10 honda-crosstour-11 honda-crosstour-12

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  2. Thanks dear,
    it was really nice of you to show the glims of the all new Honda Crosstour
    It seens like the bab of my dreams
    as i cant afford one of these, at least felt somebody could provide me with a contract hire Honda of the kind & i would fly the machine like m riding a plan even for a day..
    again thanks a lot…:)

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  4. i like accord crosstour too much….but why don’t have in malaysia??

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