Honda Accord 2008-Part3-Driving Impressions

I only managed to drive the car for about 15 minutes so i have not much chance to really test the car :p

After turning on the ignition, the sound from the i-VTEC engine is barely audible in the cabin.

Though that the size of this car is pretty big, i don’t really feel that it is really so big when i am driving it, can’t really explain why..

Gearshift was smooth, with minimal jerk when it shifts to another gear. The gas pedal was quite shallow i’d say, as i don’t need to press much to get the car moving. Too bad that the 2.0 litre variant did not come with paddle shifters, else i could enjoy more spirited driving from this Accord.

I tried revving the engine from standstill, in the first gear it only reaches about 6,500 RPM before auto-shifting to the next gear. on the meter panel the redzone starts at about 6,700 RPM.

Since this is a very rare opportunity for me to drive “big” cars, i have to say that the pickup was a bit sluggish from standstill. I basically floored the pedal, but the car was slow to respond. I think this is normal trait for “big” cars. But after that its quite effortless to overtake cars by just flooring the pedal.

So overall the driving impression was good, i hope that in the future i will be able to test this car on the highways, as “big” cars shows their true colors when going on highways 🙂

Check below for some more pictures :

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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