Honda Accord 2008-Part1-Exterior Impressions

The latest Honda Accord which hit the Malaysian roads a few months back, for this post i will be reviewing the 2.0 Litre variant available here.

The new Accord have changed pretty much from its previous generation and i will have to say, i would want this Accord compared to the previous :p

Some say that Accords are for uncles, but i feel otherwise for this one, as you can see front looks more fierce now with the new grille and very very nice headlights. I am not too sure if the 2.0 litre variant comes with HID, but i think it will look just great with normal bulbs anyways.

This Accord gives a bit more of the “boxy” feel compared to previous, it makes the car feel more grand.

The rear have also been given a lot of treatment, i’ll have to say that it really looks much better now as it does not give a feeling of having a “bulky” rear.

Overall impression of the exterior outlook of the New Accord is very good, comparing to other brands of the same class. Its having a feeling of class but still maintaining a touch of sporty look in it.

Please find below for a few more pictures of the new Accord

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  1. If you could add light for the reflector in the car boot, it would look nicer during the night time =)

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