His name is Sparky – Mitsubishi Lancer ES


This is courtesy from one of my good friend who is currently in Australia. He bought a Mitsubishi Lancer ES over there for about 24K AUD if i iremember correctly.


Initially he wanted to name his new ride “Sharky”, as the front looks like a shark, but seems that it doesn’t sound that nice, so voila, “Sparky !”

So this is what they call it overseas, the ES or the EX version, compared to here where we call it GLS and GT.

You can see that the rims are also looking different compared to the GLS on our roads.


Interior is pretty similar where there are no Pedal Shifters for the ES/GLS variant. All looks just so new, simplicity !

He is happy with his new ride in Australia, i could really understand why :p



The standard ES does not come with the spoiler, so he added it himself.

Thanks for showing us the Lancer ES from Australia !


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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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