Greetings from Vietnam – #3

I visited this Museum where it talks about the war history of the Americans here in Vietnam.

Really have to admit that some of those war photos were pretty disturbing. Oh well, since we are talking about automotive, there is a display of “huge” transports used during the war that i will show you next.

As far as i can remember, this is the excavator that was used to level lands i suppose :p

Then there is this big momma tank ! I mean, i have only seen these tanks in the war movies like “Saving Private Ryan”, “Black Hawk Down”, didn’t imagine it to be really so huge in real life ! Think this is the M41 tank.

Next comes the flamethrower tank, i still remember this tank from playing Command & Conquer hahahaha.

Think this is the artillery tank, where it should be used for long range bombardment ! Useless in close range !

Think these are ammunitions for the tank as they are sooooooooo big !

These are all the ground automobiles that i saw in the War Remnants museum.

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