Greetings from Jakarta :)

Here are some pictures that i snapped during my biz trip in Jakarta last week, enjoy them hehe, above is a picture of capturing the Proton Wira and Proton Persona together :p

In Jakarta, traffic jam is known as “Macet”. So you should plan your trips carefully in order not to be caught in a jam during the rush hour.

There are more pictures after the jump.

This is a public transport van where people can hop on for a ride, i am not sure how much it costs though..

This is another public transport, called the “Bhaja”. It looks something like Thailand’s Tuk Tuk, but its smaller in size.

This is the public bus where its the fastest way to get around, as they have dedicated lanes at the right for buses. Note the yellow divider which separates the bus lane from the car lanes.

But….. I am on the bus lane hahahha. Apparently some of the areas the bus lane can also be used, but i am not sure when.

This was taken on a saturday noon time, i cannot remember what is the name of this road, surprisingly its empty :p

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