Got the dough for a Honda Civic FD2 Type R ???


I want i want i want i want !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is like the epitome of all FD2s running around our roads right now, some say its really a chick magnet…

I was really surprised when Honda Malaysia decided to bring this in themselves, as i think this is really the first time Honda is bringing in Performance cars.

And i think they really made the right decision to bring this baby in themselves, as the first batch of 60 units i think, was sold out in a very very short time !


Under the hood is the K20A 2.0 DOHC i-VTEC powerplant capable of punching out 225PS @ 8,000 RPM with max torque of 215Nm @ 6,100 RPM. Some mechanic says that when you revv the TypeR, the stick-to-the-seat feeling is even better than revving the Impreza. Well i don’t really know how true that is, because i haven’t the chance to sit in both of them :p



This baby also comes with a close ratio 6 speed manual transmission gearbox that also have LSD to distribute power more evenly.

Just looking at the pictures really makes me drool, i was wondering if there are still any test drive unit left in the Honda showroom so that i could go and test drive :p


Power is ruthless if you can’t stop the car properly. So this ride comes with Brembo calipers and huge disc brakes !


Will i be able to get this key to a Type R parked outside my house in this lifetime ???


Just by looking at the interior pictures, you can clearly tell that this car is really no joke, it means serious business, in terms of speed :p

RED RED RED everything u see also have got red color elements of it. I think this is the trademark of Type R. Also it has a cool Engine Start Button at the right, so you just put in the key and press the button to start the engine… how cool is that !


Finally at the ICE department you will get an Alpine double DIN player for your music needs….

Below is the price information :

Price List for Peninsular Malaysia

Selling Price

Road Tax (1 year)

Registration Fee

Inspection Fee

Handling Fee

Number Plate

Retail Price (Without Insurance)


On-The-Road Price with Insurance

Sum Insurance

This is truly the car for the young blood, with a very very itchy right foot i’d say, wondering how is the sound from the engine when its revving @ 8000 RPM, must be sinfully symphonic !

Information from honda website

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

6 Responses to “ Got the dough for a Honda Civic FD2 Type R ??? ”

  1. Darn nice and darn expensive

  2. […] The front received treatment on the bumper and also the grille. They say that the bumper now is similar to the ones that is installed on the Civic Type R. […]

  3. I have a FD2R and I’ve tried a WRX STi as well…. the STi trumps it in sheer straight line speed. The STi has massive torque, and therefore more kick.

    That said, I feel that the FD2R is the better handling car. Never regretted getting the FD2R.


  4. Kenny : Envy you !!! When are you going to let us ride in ur FD2R and let us have a detailed writeup about it :p

  5. STi is a turbocharged engine so will win in a straight line..its competitor is the EvoX. Pity the suspension of the FD02 is so hard, not for our KL roads, track maybe. For real power, comfort(a bit), handling, it must still be the E90 M3. That one is sheer muscle. All can do now is dream…not that cannot afford the FD02, unless my wife gives permission to buy these condo/home on wheels!

  6. @Onibokuro: Come SG and look for me then =p There’s a big community of FD2R drivers here.

    @Sammy: Ah yes, the suspension is rock hard. Very uncomfortable on badly paved roads.

    M3… that’s a whole different league.

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