Good News ! Fuel price going down as of today !

Just a quick news to you guys out there, Fuel price in Malaysia have gone down again as of now 🙂

Previously the fuel price was @ RM 2.15 per liter of precious fuel, now its down 15 cents, which brings it to

RM 2.00 per Liter of RON 97 fuel 🙂

I think in the very near future we will be back to RM 1.92 / liter, which is good news for motorists, but still, price of food and stuff is still not down yet due to the previous fuel hike a few months back which rocketed to RM 2.70 / Liter….

Really wish that the government would do something about the current situation of other stuff not coming down…. I mean, the fuel price have gone down so much, but a plate of chicken rice is still like RM 4.50 compared to previously of about RM 4.00……

Sometimes i feel that i feed my car more than i am feeding myself 🙁

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