Going green the i-VTEC way !

I guess Honda Malaysia noticed our passion for cars on our web page, so they decided to engage us in a research on one of their many green technologies; the i-VTEC.

Frankly speaking whenever we talk about car engines, the question always pops up; save fuel or not ? Most of the time we are quite blinded by the fuel savings of the engine rather than looking at other areas.

Take for example the i-VTEC technology is now available in all new model line ups. Many would say that “oh its a very fuel saving engine and also powerful !” Little did they know that the technology was not only to save fuel, but also to be more friendly to the environment. The i-VTEC works by controlling the timing and lifting of the camshafts so that you burn less fuel in lower speeds and burn more fuel when power is needed.

So with i-VTEC, we use less fuel to cover the same mileage and when you use less fuel, it means that there is less green house gas expelled from the exhaust.

The i-VTEC engines is categorized in Tier 4 of the European Emission standards. It is found in the current Honda City emits 156g/KM of CO2 and in this Tier the limit was 500g/KM. This shows how serious Honda is in making greener engines !

To make it even more serious, i-VTEC technology was also found in the Civic Hybrid, where it makes the Hybrid even more fuel efficient ! The Hybrid system works by having an i-VTEC engine assisted by an electric motor and a battery pack. At different times the engine will be used and the motor will be used during low speeds. During braking it acts like a dynamo to re-charge the battery. Talk about high tech stuff !

I think Honda aims to ensure that all the vehicles in their lineup is using this green technology, where i-VTEC is incorporated from the City right up to the big brother Accord.

I guess its really stressful for automakers nowadays, since vehicles are big contributors to green house gas. The i-VTEC by Honda is just one of the many green technologies developed under their belt.

I heard that Honda developed its own turbofan engine to power the Honda Jet, where this engine is said to have the lowest fuel consumption in that category. Goodness, Honda nowadays is even taking it up to the sky already !

In the future I think automakers will be making more zero emission vehicles, like the FCX Clarity from Honda. Its a hydrogen powered vehicle that emits no green house gas ! Amazing !

With its tag line “The Power of Dreams”, I am sure Honda will strive and continue to develop further greener technologies for us !

For more information on Honda’s technologies, you can visit www.honda.com.my/advancedtechnology

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  2. everyone should Go Green so that we can help the environment.’,,

  3. going green is probably a wise choice because we need to protect our environment”`’

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