Formula 1 : No more V8s in the future

Come 2013, there will be no more high powered V8s on the Formula 1 scene. Instead they will be replaced by a 4 cylinder 1.6L turbocharged engine. I really have no idea how they can pump out so many horses from that engine lol.

Also the revolutions of the engine is going to drop from the current 18,000 rpm to 12,000 rpm. Reminds me of Initial D’s Takumi AE86 with the new tachometer revving to 12,000 RPM, talk about 4AGE power :p

Guess the guess at Formula 1 had no choice but to scale things down, as this will reduce fuel usage by 35% ! We have to go green !

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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