Ford Evos Concept Pictures and Videos

This is a very bold and brilliant design by Ford. The Ford Evos Concept has set a whole new standard for a cool looking car which is expected to be packed with technology to make a whole new fun driving experience. The Evos Concept is a 2+2 seater car. Although the engine specification, top speed and torque is not mentioned, we know that this car is a plug-in hybrid with the ability to change to full EV to make use of special EV lane in certain cities.

In terms of technology, this car is make the fullest of the current technology available. It connects to a ‘personal cloud’ of information to offer various driving experience like controlling the car tempreture before you enters, re-routing to scenic drive when your meeting is postponed, using a less polluted route, avoiding traffic, social network features and many more. You have to watch the video to know all the coolness packed in this Evos.

Evos is also scoring high points on the design. It features four gull-wing doors with futuristic interior panel. The design is referred to as Kinetic 2.0 by Stefan Lamm. Too bad it is said that this concept car will not hit the production but the idea will be incorporated in other Ford model in the near future.

We found few great video of the Ford Evos on the Exterior, Interior and Ford Evos on the Drive.

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