Fiat Bravo Xtreme Show Car

Fiat Bravo Xtreme

While it is said that the Fiat Bravo market in Europe is not so good, but in Brazil it manage to find its touch with the locals and it is now built in Brazil from Italy since 2010. In the Motor Show Sao Paulo, Fiat have decided to display an aggressive Fiat Bravo with a new front bumper that include a huge grill. It also adds new allow wheel and a rear bumper with twin exhaust pipes.

Fiat Bravo Xtreme rear

The Xtreme Bravo receive an increase in power to 253 hp. Together the suspension, steering and brakes are improved for cornering and high speeds. But this car featured is only a salon car, so we will not be seeing them sold or at production. Maybe some aftermarket could come back with some similar kits.

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