Ferrari F355 GTS

I was walking to my car yesterday in the basement car park of a shopping center and i saw a “yellowish” car parked right beside mine. When i got closer, i wowed to see that a Ferrari F355 GTS is parked beside my car.

It was very unusual to see that the Ferrari is so so so much lower than my car, maybe like 10-15 cm lower than mine !

I can’t really imagine sitting in a car which makes me feel like i am in a sleeping position :p

The engine sound coming from this 3.5L V8 is really distinct, its like even if you don’t see the car but you can just hear the sound of the engine roaring, you know that its a prancing horse revving happily !

I don’t really see much Ferraris on Malaysian roads, so its really really rare to be able to see this beauty in the basement carpark of a shopping center, and the very striking body color will make it really hard not to be noticed !

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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