eRuf Greenster Porsche – an Electric Porsche ??????


Okay, this is very interesting, a Porsche being powered by electric ???? I am actually very surprised to see this, i mean, i never thought that it really could happen ! I thought its all about power and how more fast you can go when riding in a Porsche……

This was developed by Ruf Automobile and Siemens Corporate Technology. I am guessing that they used the Porsche 911 as the platform to build this Electric car.


I guess this is currently the “big boss” of electric cars ! This car is capable of generating 326 HP and a whopping 950 Nm torque !

And most amazingly it is able to reach 100km/h from standstill in just 5 seconds !

For the battery, it is capable of doing 250km on the standard block and 320km on an enlarged block.


ERuf is the world’s first electric vehicle to use a bi-directional network connection.

The system is capable to be recharged in less than an hour at a 400-volt power outlet and can also feed the energy back into the power network if required.

Below is a press release from RUF regarding the collaboration with Siemens :

The Evolution of the eRUF in Collaboration with our Technology Partner
Siemens Corporate Technology

The research organization of Siemens (Corporate Technology) is working intensively
on the topic of electro mobility, which could become part of its environment portfolio,
with 19 billion Euros already contributing a mere 25% of total revenue. The demands
made on the electric vehicle and the design of the power network infrastructure play
a decisive role. Topics being investigated include, among others, energy generation
and distribution, traffic and energy management, smart metering, power electronics,
software and sensor technology and of course electric drive train systems, and the
recovery and storage of energy. Within the scope of this research, Siemens
Corporate Technology has developed an integrated system consisting of a
motor/generator, power electronics and an interface with a battery connection for
electrically powered cars.

The fundamental ideas that led RUF Automobile GmbH to develop an electrically
driven vehicle came from Alois Ruf. The head of the automobile manufacturer from
the Bavarian town of Pfaffenhausen had a vision of a simple energy transfer concept:
his hydroelectric power plants, which feed 35 million kW hours of electricity per
annum into the Germany electrical network, could also propel the eRUF.
The symbiosis of two leading companies – Siemens as a leader in the electric
industry and RUF in the automobile industry – will leverage the best possible
synergies for the future of electro mobility.

Siemens Corporate Technology has developed an adapted power train for the eRuf
“Greenster”. Thus, a preliminary version of the concept for the innovative eDrive from
Siemens will already be on display in Geneva. While the vehicle to be presented in
Geneva is still equipped with a central motor with a power output of 270 kW and 950
Nm [Wort gelöscht] torque, the following version will be produced as a small series
with Ruf as a double-motor concept with the innovative integral eDrive. As such, the
eRUF will be the world’s first electric vehicle fitted with a bi-directional network
connection, which – without the otherwise necessary additional recharging
electronics – is capable to be recharged in less than an hour at a 400-volt power
outlet – and can use the same power outlet to feed energy back into the power
network if required. The small series planned on the basis of this concept by RUF
Automobile is expected to hit the streets in 2010.

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