Eight Generation Honda Accord Review

When I bought this car a year ago, there seem to be little review on the 2.0-liter version as the standard model should at least be 2.4-liter elsewhere worldwide. Due to road tax in Malaysia, we 2.0-liter vehicle are widely popular as the road tax increases exponentially after this. After driving this vehicle for a year. Honda Accord is definitely a nice ride to own as it is presentable and the gas consumption is quite acceptable given it is a huge car. I am doing a little more than 20 cents with the current petrol price of RM1.95/liter with 70% highway and 30% city drive.

2.0-liter is definitely underpower on this car as it lags greatly when you try a sudden acceleration on this car. I like the space, and bought this especially for this. Compare to its rival Toyota Camry and Maxda 6, it is still the largest and cheapest. But I must say that the ride are not as smooth as Toyota Camry on high speed.

Weird things missing from the Honda Accord is the setting for the timed wiper. I do remember that even my previous Waja has them. For a entry-level mid size car, I could definitely make use of it in Malaysia weather rather than the headlight sensor which is not quite suitable with tunnels, traffic, underpass and trees causing the sensor to switch my headlight on automatically.

Service wise, it felt that Honda are not standardizing their dealer so you should actually try few Honda authorize service center and you will actually get different service. Personally I felt cheated when the service lady offered me air conditioning service and auto transmission oil change on my 20,000km service saying “Your may not claim your warranty if we don’t have a record that you done those services”. Firstly, they do not write them on their website to be eligible for their 3 years warranty. Apparently I check with Honda and Air Conditioning service is required every year while Auto Transmission oil change is at 60,000km.

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