DuPont Armura Making your car Bulletproof

It is interesting that in some part of the world, having a traffic jam or stop traffic light is life threatening for your family and passengers. This is what happen if you live in Brazil where kidnapping, murder and robbery are at alarming rates. It cost about $12,000 (depending on car size), 15 days and adding around 197 pounds of weight when you decides to install DuPont Armura. It is said that it is still tough for many middle class to have them install as it will increase the cost of the car by a huge sum, but depending on the severity, I would say that it might just be worth it to buy a cheaper car and have them install with DuPont Armura.

Even at 198 pound it is said to be 50% lighter than industry average and 50% cheaper as well. Armura will protect you from any .38-gauge firearms or lower and is said to cover 97% of all firearm.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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