Driving rage

I would think that many drivers around the world use their emotions when they drive. It’s a very dangerous way to drive but it just hard to control that rage in a human mind. Sadly I’m one of those drivers. I just can’t help feeling angry when a guy does not put his/her signal when cutting into your lane, tailgating when you see loads of cars in front of you and so one. It just makes you angry to see these things and you start on a rage in tailing the guy back home, blaring your horn and so on. I am not a perfect driver but I try to learn how to drive properly and occasionally drive fast in a safe way. I am lucky that I have a brother that knows how to do that, which he learned it from our dad.

In any racing that you see on the telly people tend to go really fast and seem to have no fear in overtaking their opponents at any straights or corners, with your emotions raging on, trying to take the car in front of you. He then breaks suddenly and you swerve to the right and evade into the grass and hitting the tire wall. Now let’s just put this scenario into everyday driving. You are on your way home from work, stressed out like usual. One guy just cut in front of you and you feel angry. A bad day at work and here you go someone to make it worst, then you start going fast and wanting to race with him just to prove a point. Now in a track race you do not have on coming cars do they? Shortly he breaks you swerve to the right and all you know one car is on the other lane and you crash head on, boom!

Road racing is something you have to be very alert in. I can always remember the words that someone close to me said “I won’t want to have a party in my house without you around (well if usually when someone dies you have a gathering of respect for the person)”. Now on the road you will have to think if a lot of things like on coming cars, the cars in front of you, the cars beside you, 10 cars away from you, the weather, the road condition which is very hard to predict and many more. A simple thing like racing seems to be more complicated as it looks. In the track all you need to think about is the car in front of you and also some other technical things. So it’s much safer with roll cage installed in your car and it’s only a one-way street.

Well this is just my point in driving and the experience I have on the road. I just don’t want to end up like the picture below.

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When I was a little younger, I never had the interest in cars at all. Somehow it picked it up when I was in high school and oh yeah did I mention my dad and brother loves cars as well? I am more of a Japanese Car lover then any other car but don’t get me wrong I like the rest as well. Let’s just say that Jap cars are the first on my list. Drifting, racing circuits and rallying, these are the thing that I love to do but I can’t! Well let’s just say I don’t have the skills for these kind of things. So the only thing I do is occasionally drive fast on the road when I am provoked by a much slower car or in par. "All you need to see is my tail light" turboturtle

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