DIY – iPod and your car !

Tadaaaaa :p I got my iPod Touch 4g 32GB and plan on putting all the songs into it for listening in my car. Frustrated with where should i put the iPod and able to navigate the songs easily, i resorted to Velcro hahahaa. Now i can navigate the songs even i am driving.

Was thinking where should i stick the Velcro, ended up i sticked 2 strips of Velcro on the plastic panel as pictured above.

Here is how it looks if i take out the iPod. Reason i sticked it far apart was so that its a bit easier for the iPod to be removed.

Lastly i sticked just 1 strip of Velcro on my iPod for easier removal.

There you go, RM 15 is all you need for having convenient song browsing :p

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