Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition


You are looking at the work most expensive SUV, Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Editionthat cost £1million. I suppose this is also the world most strongest armored car that is bulletproof because its exterior is made of Kevlar coating. Some website is even saying they are rocket grenade proof.


But this world’s most expensive SUV is actually a bargain because the manufacturer is throwing in 3 bottles of Russo-Baltique, the world most expensive vodka which the company created earlier this year to celebrate its 100th anniversary. A bottle of this reportedly sold for £790,000 last year, so comparing with the car, the real deal is buying the 3 bottles of Russo-Baltique.

Now back to the SUV, its window are gold plated bulletproof windows, 22′ Kremlin Red Star bulletproof wheels, Tungsteen exhaust, Tungsteen & white gold gauges with diamonds and rubins, white gold diamond & rubins incrusted badges, rogue acoustic audio system and not to forget the finest leather seats that is made form whale penis. I think the last gadget makes me want to have this car too.

In its engine, it is powered by a 8.1-litre GM V8 engine with a 450 horsepower. But not to forget that this are just weight 4 tons. So don’t expect the 450 horsepower to give you speedy power, but it definitely allow you to cruise through a warzone.


prombron-monaco-red-diamond prombron-monaco-red-diamond-3 prombron-monaco-red-diamond-2

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