Daily Torque Experience Inside a Porsche Cayenne S


It is like a cheap sale due to poor sales in the car industry when I was at Klang Bukit Raja last weekend. I am fortunate enough to actually open the door and sit inside the driver seat of the Porsche Cayenne S, that is a 340 horsepower machine. This is actually hosted by Naza group and I guess they have a lot of them stocking up at their warehouse.

As you can see the big discount of RM50,000 on the windscreen, the cheapest range they had is a 3.2 litre used cayenne basic model is price at RM318,000, not bad for a porche.

porsche-cayenne-5The feel inside the Cayenne is very different compare to other luxury sport SUV. It has a classy leather feel when you sits inside the car and everything is very spacious.

I pity machine because people are practically hopping in and out of the car. If it were not because of the slowdown in economy, I doubt there is any chance they would simply let anyone enters a Porsche without getting the keys from the salesman.

Anyway, sorry for the poor pictures due to limitation on my handphone.

 porsche-cayenne-3 porsche-cayenne-2  porsche-cayenne-4 porsche-cayenne-6porsche-cayenne-7 porsche-cayenne-8

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  1. Hi! Came across your website in the early hours of this morning. Quick question – if money was not an issue, would the Cayenne GTS be a better buy than the Turbo (or the S for that matter). Interestingly, there does not seem to be a lot in the (GTS, used) market. Does it come in 4.8 only? Would it be a ‘better’ buy than, say the X5 diesel or X6? Realistically, we are looking at the ‘entry=level’ 3.2 or 3.6. Any views on this? Thanks for your views! Regards,

  2. Generally speaking the Turbo version would require more attention from the owner compared to NA on the long run. Either way is still a Porsche, so its really up to the owner’s personal taste :p

    Personally for looks i would go for the X6 cause its very new and it looks menacing like the u-dont-mess-with-me kind of feeling whereas the Cayenne gives a more classy feeling :p just my opinion 🙂

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