Coming up – Honda Concept M

I received this newsletter from Honda for the coming up of the Concept M, where M stands for Magnetism.

 I wonder how will the Civics, Jazz and Accords gonna look like :

From the e-mail :

One look at these stylish machines is all it takes. All it takes to know that your eyes are set on something special. And it’ll be hard to turn away because that’s what the “M” in Concept M stands for – magnetism. The sleek and stylish Modulo and Mugen body kits on the Accord, Civic and Jazz ensure just that. And if you do find yourself behind the wheel, then you’ll experience another kind of attraction – it actually enhances your driving experience.
However like all things special, these beauties are rare and come in limited numbers, so remember that time is of the essence. Register to pre-book or receive email updates on the Honda Concept M.

But if you see from the mail it says something about limited numbers, does it mean that its gonna sell the car together with the kit, but you cannot get the kit separately from Honda ?

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