Citroen GT

This is one wicked-sick Citroen GT that i have ever seen, it really really is a super super concept car ! The front looks so so menacing, with the LED headlamps that you could die for !

I happened to surf on the Internet and stumbled upon this beauty at the Gran Turismo site. Pictures were taken from the Official Gran Turismo site.

Seems that Citroen has collaborated with the Gran Turismo production team on creating the “GT by Citroen”.

FYI : Gran Turismo is the racing game on Playstation by Polyphony Digital.

So its like Citroen = Real World, Gran Turismo = Virtual World, when u mix them together, u get the               Citroen GT !

Look at the back, they replaced the spoiler with some kind of “fin” design potruding from the back, well my physics is not too good so don’t ask me how it will help in aerodynamics or downforce haha :p I think the reverse sensor will have to put at the edge of the fin, if not for sure accidents will happen !

I am not sure these doors are called the Gull wing type or the scissors type, don’t really know the difference but i heard of this terminology before.

I am really curious what is the performance figures for this car. I am guessing like 650HP and doing 3 secs for reaching 0-100 km/h ? We shall see !

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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