Honda Testing smartphone App to reduce traffic jams

Honda Testing smartphone App to reduce traffic jams

Honda is testing this piece of technology in Indonesia, one of the busiest streets you can find in ASEAN. This app changes color depending on the driving pattern of other drivers surrounding them. this will in turn tell if this kind of pattern will create traffic congestion. I am still trying to digest how this […]

Video : Volvo’s Special High Beam Technology

Its always not surprising that Volvo is coming up with all these safety technologies. This is the newest, the High Beam Tech where the driver can use high beam all the time. When the system detects that there is an oncoming car, it will instruct the high beam to shield some of the light so […]

Nissan's Seat Technology

Nissan’s Seat Technology

In my opinion, this technology is really pretty tricky, i mean, if a person gets too comfortable on the seat, wouldn’t they fall asleep even easier ? Its mentioned that this piece of tech works toward the goal of achieving Neutral Posture. This will enable the user to have support for the pelvis and the […]

Video : Protect What's behind you ! with Ernest and Toyota

Video : Protect What’s behind you ! with Ernest and Toyota

Street Artist Mr. Ernest Zacharevic’s project with Toyota stressing the awareness to the public on accidents that happen when reversing your car. So what Ernest did was that he went to a parking lot in Brussels and made a lot of paintings on the wall resembling children. This is a very good way of letting […]

Video : Honda's Forward Collision warning technology

Video : Honda’s Forward Collision warning technology

Check out Honda’s Forward collision warning tech below :

Volvo is protecting Pedestrians as well !

Volvo is protecting Pedestrians as well !

The new Volvo V40 introduced in the Geneva autoshow features not only pedestrian detection technology, but also Airbag for pedestrian. Yes you got that right, the Safety Specialist Volvo is putting this in the V40 ! Volvo’s aim is to have 0 vehicles death caused by Volvo cars by 2020, a very admirable goal ! […]

Malaysia Police Car Crash into Pasar

Malaysia Police Car Crash into Pasar

Found this via Facebook whereby this Mitsubishi Lancer crashed into the Pasar (meaning Market). The car look pretty fine but the airbag is deployed. Truly hope no one is injurt as most of this places are crowded with people walking at the street. “With great power comes great responsibility”

Top 5 Driverless Car Project

Top 5 Driverless Car Project

Driverless Car also known as autonomous car will most probably be available earlier that we would imagine as more and more companies ventures into different projects using technology to put your car to auto pilot mode. Despite the joy of driving would actually be gone, we believe many people will benefit from this technology as […]

Don’t Run Red Lights Ads

This is an advertisements by American Traffic Solutions (ATS) to raise awareness about the consequance of running red lights. Although many people are taught that red light is equivilent to stop, and some are even teaching their younger generation to do the same, there are many tha run red light. This is an awareness ads […]

2012 Toyota Prius VS 2012 Toyota Crown Crash Test

Always felt a little wasted for car to be tested like that but it is for the better of the car and to ensure that the safety of the car is up to standard. I seem like the car is moving pretty fast as the damage is a total lost.