Mitsubishi's i-MiEV is #1 in

Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV is #1 in “Fuel Economy”

Have to say that guys at Mitsubishi are really serious about this going green race, where now their mini car is touted as the most “fuel economy” EV car in the US. The production version does really look much better than the i-MiEV that i saw in 1 Utama previously. This is something that i […]

2012 Fisker Karma (Pictures and Video)

2012 Fisker Karma (Pictures and Video)

Fisker Karma is said to be the world first true electric luxury vehicle with extended range (EVer). Karma is a four seater and four door that focus on high performance, elegant and eco-friendly drive. Unveiled in 2008, the 2012 Fisker Karma is actually now in production with a price tag of $95,900 before the $7,500 […]

Mitsubishi's Solar Charging Station !

Mitsubishi’s Solar Charging Station !

Recently Mitsubishi USA have unveiled their Solar Charging Station in the United States. This station have two 110v ports, one 220v port and a quick charge port. It is also available for the public to use. I think in the future this will be very good for use here in Malaysia, as we are sooooo […]

Rolling out.... 80 Golf Blue-e-motion !

Rolling out…. 80 Golf Blue-e-motion !

From the exterior it looks just like the standard Golf 1.4 TSI, but on the inside the engine is of zero emission, an electric car ! Volkswagen is delivering another batch of 80 Golf blue-e-motion to a group of target customers with the reason being to find out the practicality of the electric car to […]

New BMW i Experience i3 and i8

New BMW i Experience i3 and i8

BMW had just launch their new sub-brand, BMW i which will focused on developing sustainable mobility solutions. Together with the launch, they have a fully electric BMW i3 (formally known as MegaCity Vehicle) and a plug-in hybrid, BMW i8. They will be using Carbon Fibre Reinforce Plastic (CFRP) to reduce weight added by the batteries, […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #22

[News] Audi Celebrates 1M Cars Sold in China – 1M lucky people (Video) [Green] Church to recharge your electric car – yup, it has began [Accident] Man with bionic arm dies in car wreck – Did the bionic arm causes the crash? [Celab] Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria-Parker Minor Accident [Weird] Ferrari F40 speeding in Japan […]

Going Green @ Siemens !

Going Green @ Siemens !

Next month in November, Siemens will be launching a green project consisting of 20 Electric Vehicles to their employees in Munich, Germany for testing. Later on they will be adding another 15 Electric cars equipped with a Drive System developed by Siemens. At the same time Siemens will also be having an in-house Electric Car sharing program among its […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #20

We are always happy on Friday as we look forward for the exciting weekends and also to share our automotive updates with our visitors:- [Weird] Google Car – It’s a bug that cars were invented before computers…GCar? [News] Reminder – Join the BMW contest! [News] Honda CR-Z at Times Square with 3D video [Weird] Crazy […]

MINI Scooter E Concept

BMW MINI now going for the scooter market too? This is just a concept but Apple iPhone integration to be the dashboard of this scooter is just brilliant concept. Not to mention you will automatically get a compass or a GPS that comes with the iPhone.

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #10

It is now our tenth friday since we first started this Automotive News QuickLinks. Here is some quite car news:- [Green News] Flying Car should be available next year – from Terrafugia Transition [Car Tech] Driving while Blind – Great news for blind people [Green News] Car Fuel made from CO2 and Sunlight [Humor] Dog Chew […]