Drifting with a Minivan – Really Cool

For those drifter or wannabe out there, you need to take a look at this video whereby this person is drifting with his minivan. He even had the time to open the door once while drifting. It is a long video seeing the minivan going through corners left and right but all turns just look […]

Scion FR-S Drifting Video

Watch the video as Ken Gushi teaches Jessi Lang to drift on Scion FR-S at the Irwindale Speedway

Drifting Competition from Tököl, Hungary

Lóerők Éjszakája 2012 – Tököl from Red Crab Films on Vimeo. Watch this compilation clips from Forduló Tököl with a great range of old school cars that is superb for drifting. They also did some gymkhana and some night drifting. Seems to be a great place to be. This race videos are taken from the […]

Video Dedicated to Rallying

Apart from the Formula One, I believe that rally driver and its co-driver are also part of the most manificant people in the motoring industry. Look at the older days, they are like driving an block of metal charging through corners at high speed. Wonder how it feels sitting a rally car, it must be […]

Lexus LFA Drift Video

How often do you get to bring a supercar for a drift on a parking lot? This car event in Japan is burning some rubber and drifting with the 550hp Lexus LFA.

Random Pictures -

Random Pictures – “Dori Kin in Sepang !”

Found some random pictures of the Famous “Dori Kin” Keichi Tsuchiya-san in Sepang during Japan GT 2008 ! Too bad didn’t get a chance to see him drift 🙁

Learn Drifting Basic

This is one interesting video I found online. Although it is not much you could learn from video because drifting requires hands-on training. It shows you the braking steps, gas, steering wheel position and gears. Here is a video of some good car drifting.