Lamborghini Egoista  - Single Seater Bull

Lamborghini Egoista – Single Seater Bull

Yup, you see the title right, this is a single seater Lamborghini in celebration of its 50 years anniversary. The actual concept was unveiled in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The design is said to be inspired by the look of Apache attack helicopter by Volkswagen group design team lead by Italian Walter de Silva. It does resemble […]

Video : Lamborghini Veneno's unveiling with the VW Group

Video : Lamborghini Veneno’s unveiling with the VW Group

Here is the VW Group presentation of the Lamborghini Veneno.

Lamborghini Veneno with $4.66 million price tag

Lamborghini Veneno with $4.66 million price tag

A leak on Lamborghini Veneno price before the Geneva International Motor Show this Thursday to celebrate Lamborghini 50th anniversary as a brand. As you can see below, it is priced at a whooping £3.1million which comes up to $4.66 million in USD. Veneno will be a super exclusive with only three of this will be […]

A night of raging Bulls @ Thailand

A night of raging Bulls @ Thailand

Happen to be on business trip here and this is what i see parked at the roadside ! This even better, parked right in front of the serviced suite !

Vorsteiner's Lamborghini Gallardo

Vorsteiner’s Lamborghini Gallardo

This is called the Renazzo V aero kit released by Vorsteiner. That is one sick looking Gallardo, just look at the rear diffusers ! Completely blown away ! This kit is mostly carbon from the front until the rear, giving you more weight reduction. Also included is 19 or 20 inch forged wheels. The front […]

20+ Supercars Pulled over by Police

This is a funny one where someone called the cops and it takes few police car to stop them and give them a warning. Not quite sure what they did to pissed of other driver.

Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition

This Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition was design and upgrade by Oakley Design and Refined Marques. The modes inclues some modification on the ECU and titanium ehaust system to help produce 760 hp. Also not to forget it also shed another 35 kg from the original Aventador. The Aqua Blue chrome paint on the Aventador […]

Prius Hit Lamborghini Aventador in China

Prius Hit Lamborghini Aventador in China

Seem like a environmental friendly car are showing its temper towards the petrol hungry Lamborghini Aventador, although we do not have information on the cause of the accident. This is an accident at Ningbo, China where an orange Lamborghini Aventador was hit from the back by a Toyota Prius. It is said that since the […]

Lamborghini Aventador Factory Tour 45 minutes video

Go through different part of Lamborghini factory to see how the new LP700-4 Aventador. From the Carbon Fiber Body to quality check to painting to engine assembling line to the interior and quality check again. Pretty awesome video if you are interested to see how these supercars are made to perfection. Plus the opportunity for […]

Video about Lamborghini, Aventador and Bullfighting

We know that Lamborghini logo is inspired by a majestic bull and most of the car models are name after a bull or in relation to the bullfighting except for the first 350GT and 400GT. It is a great experience when you are loan a Lamborghini Aventador to tour around Europe also to explore some […]