Automotive QuickLinks

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #23

Thursday and the end of the week in Malaysia! The end of a chapter and starting of a new chapter. Since we are celebrating Deepavali tomorrow. [Celab] Kim Clijster survived a car crash before her semifinal win over Samantha Stosur [Weird] Car pulled on the St. Louis, police still trying to determine car’s owner [Freak] […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #19

T.G.I.F – This was an extremely busy week and two more days to go to finish off this week. Take a quick look at some of the happenings this week regarding to the automotive industry:- [News] Teen killed in crash near FIU and was not wearing seat belt – Take note [Odd] 1/3 of pediatrician […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #18

The number 18th time we are doing this. This week up our automotive news is as follows:- [Weird] Dying in style by having your coffin be droved in a Maserati Quattroporte (Video Below) [News] Cell phone leads to 1 out of 5 car accident [News] 2009 Top 10 stolen vehicles – Accord?? cmon [Gossip] Kim Kardashian adds […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #17

It is not the end of the Automotive update by Daily Torque, but we have stopped the previous two Fridays because I was away. So today we shall catch up some funny, weird, interesting and cool updates about the car industry. [Funny] New car crashed into the garage, the price tag and specification is still […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #17

This weekend will be my holiday after a long year. So I am very happy that it is Friday. Nevertheless, I will update you some stuff that we have found this week:- [News] Women Hit by SUV when she is trying to help push a stalled car [Interesting] Woodward Dream Cruise – For Classic Cars […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #16

Time passes so quickly that we are at week #16 of our automotive news quicklinks. We hope that you like our news as we ourselves find it fun reading these news:- [News] Blow before you can start your car – These are enforced for those with previous alcohol driving conviction in New York State. [Hero] 3 […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #15

Friday automotive news update from DailyTorque:- [News] Flying Car closer than we thought – will debut next year [News] 1,119 months in prison for carjacking – wish they do that here in Malaysia [Weird] You have car insurance, why not consider divorceinsurance [Funny] Did I tell you that it is hard to build a car […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #14

Yes, it is friday again, and this week featuring on our DailyTorque QuickLinks:- [Fun] This is most probably where the idea of flying car comes from. – Video Below [Dumb] Do not hit the police car when you are driving a stolen car. [Dumb] Cheeseburger is not gas, pass the cheeseburger to me. [News] 19-year-old […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #13

This week featured in our Automotive News update is as follows:- [Odd] A Bear took the car for a ride downhill and get stuck – pretty hilarious for the bear to be in a moving vehicle and stuck. [News] Women are less likely to keep their car clean – Ha..that is something new I learn […]

Automotive News Update QuickLinks #12

Update on the Automotive Industries for week #12:- [Odd] Student towed their custom made hybrid to competition when it is cheaper to just drive – So many bright student but someone should at least think of this. [Tech]2011 Subaru Outback slaps with WiFi – A competition to Citroën WiFi On-Board? [News] Whitesell drove a car onto […]