Catch of the Day : Audi R8 White

Just the front headlights alone will make you froze on your steps if you happen to see the R8 in the real deal ! I happen to see this baby at one of the Exotic car seller shops.

The 4.8 V8 FSI resides in the garage and i was just quite stoned when i saw this !

With 414hp and 430 Nm of torque, i think you will be sticking to the seat most of the time !

Just look at all the right curves of this baby, i just love those fins under the headlights !

Huge front nose with the curve like that, its really telling you that this is a mean looking racing machine ! The rings prominently sit at the front of the bonnet and it looks just so elegant !

At the back of the car you will see the engine very clearly just like all other supercars !

Here is the rear view of the R8, with also fins at the bottom. I learnt from Gran Turismo 5 that the spoiler will automatically come up when u reach a speed of around 100km/h and above. The spoiler will only go back down when you start to press the brakes.

Too bad that i don’t get to hear the engine of this V8 roaring, hopefully next time can get a chance to hear it !

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

2 Responses to “ Catch of the Day : Audi R8 White ”

  1. 2 R8 side by side?

  2. yes it is hehe, but i like the white more so i took pictures of this

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