Car2Go – Car Sharing Program in US

This is a great idea and hopefully it will come to our country. It is like a car rental but from what I read, you will make reservation or spontaneously decide to pick up a car on their spot. When you are done, simply park car2go vehicle in any available parking space or their specially designated parking areas as long it is within car2go operating area.

You are charged by the minute, hourly or daily. So it is quite flexible. Why I like the idea is because they are using smart car. So it would be fun, cheap in gas consumption, and typically you do not need such a big cargo space when you rent the car. Also you can rent it only for 1 hour to get your to your location, have fun there, finally rent another hour to get back. The idea is simply easy so you jsut rent and park anywhere as long as you are in their operating area.

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